• 2013 Gift Guide
50 years of Alpinestars

Mr. Supertech - Obsessed with the details, enchanted by technology. He demands the best.

Mr. Nostalgia - He yearns for the grit of yesteryear and the prestige of the past.

Mr. Adventure - The shortest distance between A and point B doesn’t concern him.

Mr. Winter - Uneasy until he can see his breath. The cooler the air, the better the trip.

Mr. Active - Unwilling to be confined, categorized or caged. Never still, life is his sport.

Mr. Weekend - Work hard, play hard. Come Friday, his cubicle dissolves into adrenaline.

Ms. Moto - Able to discover herself and lose herself simultaneously.

Ms. About Town - Impossibly casual and contemporary. Always ahead of the trend.


Avery Dress

Lana Navajo Jacket

Santa Fe Slouchy Tank

Sloane Dress

Santa Fe Jacket






Ms. Sophisticated Femme - Turns heads and raises eyebrows.


Angelika Fur Chubby

Ros Leather Jacket

Emmanuelle Dress

Silvia Sequin Tee

Agatha Braided Cardigan