Alpinestars Motocross / Off-Road


Inspired by the vigour of the fledgling Motocross scene in Europe in the early sixties, Alpinestars founder Sante Mazzarolo turned his talent in leather making to work on the creation of innovative, high-performance, off-road boots.

An unmatched passion and precision has forged Alpinestars’ reputation as the creator of the finest off-road gear, with a complete Motocross and Enduro collection that is the benchmark for technical competence within the dirt riding community.

This range of premium products includes a complete line of apparel, protection and technical underwear that offer class-leading safety and performance to riders of all levels – from the top Supercross and Motocross riders in the world to the young beginner.

From established icons like the Tech 8 Boot to the latest technical innovations of the B2 Carbon Knee Brace and Bionic Neck Support, Alpinestars continues to push the boundaries of design and material technology in its relentless pursuit of safety and performance.

Alpinestars Tech 8 Boot Alpinestars B2 Carbon Knee Brace Alpinestars Bionic Neck Support


Alpinestars' off-road range is developed to maximize rider feel, comfort and protection and is imbued with superior durability to let it tackle the hardest riding in the toughest conditions, time after time.

Research into the most advanced material technology and construction techniques takes place within Alpinestars' test laboratory, while rigorous real-world testing on the track and trail ensure superior levels of comfort and convenience.

Just some of the design innovations Alpinestars has introduced into its off-road range include:

Biomechanical ankle brace

Features torsion bars that control ankle and leg rotation during an impact, while allowing freedom of movement when riding.

'Babel' knee design

Pre-bent, reinforced and padded 3D knee construction with hidden stretch spandex expansion gusset for excellent fit in the riding position.

Dual compound sole

Seamlessly integrated to the multi-density base structure of the boot for unsurpassed durability, grip, and feel.

Injection molded foot hull

First seen in the Tech 10, this revolutionary base structure uses special PU formulations to create a sleeker, more protective boot at a reduced weight compared to a conventional welted sole.

Alpinestars composite
impact protection

Specially formulated, ultra-light foam padding provides protectors with class-leading impact protection and comfort.

Advanced Closure System

Quick release, Techno-polymer and Aluminum buckles with memory settings for easy adjustability and a precise, secure and streamlined fit.

Vector Back Panel

Alpinestars' patented back panel design offers maximum comfort and flexibility while riding.


Since its inception, Alpinestars has formed illustrious partnerships with the elite of the off-road pantheon - from Roger De Coster and Heikki Mikkola, to Marvin Musquin and Chad Reed, to Marc Coma and David Knight - and it is this association that enables Alpinestars to continually develop its range at the highest levels of competition.

This collaboration contributes vital feedback to Alpinestars’ Development Centers in the U.S. and Europe, who, in conjunction with the company’s Technical Development Lab have created a collection of world-class apparel and footwear for Motocross and Enduro riding.

Furthermore, Alpinestars also draws on the expert advice of medical institutions and utilizes the strictest testing techniques and computer simulations to define the design specifications of its class-leading protection systems.

This unrivalled combination of racing success, technical expertise and design innovation is why Alpinestars is the choice of past, present and future champions.