September, 20 2012

Van Horebeek wants winning finale

  • Herlings new jersey

Alpinestars: It’s been a great season so far: 3rd in the championship, which Jeffrey Herlings tied up in Faenza, do you think you can catch Tommy Searle?

Jeremy Van Horebeek: Everything is still possible. I’ll just get out there and try to win and do my best. I’m already happy with third, but to give KTM first and second spots for sure is better.

AS: One more race then it’s the big one, are you looking forward to the MX of Nations?

JVH: It’s my home GP in Belgium and the crowd will be amazing: so many fans. I’m pretty good in the sand, one of the best behind Jeffrey. In the beginning I didn’t like to ride it, but now I know how to ride so I like it. For sure I’m definitely looking forward to the Nations.

AS: Do you exchange techniques on riding with Herlings?

JVH: Yeah, for sure. Sometimes he helps me a lot with sand riding, he’s the best in the sand, and he really helps. We are big buddies, and we exchange and chat about our lines so, yeah, we help each other a little bit.

AS: What’s it been like riding for KTM this season with Herlings and Cairoli on such great form?

JVH: It’s awesome. It’s such a wonderful team, and I’ve spent two wonderful years there. Last year I had a shoulder injury, but this year I did a complete season and showed what I had. It’s a big help that KTM’s engines and the whole structure are just so good. It makes life as a rider easier. It is just so awesome to be part of KTM and also Red Bull because it’s like one big family.

AS: So this is your last season in the 250cc class. What is happening next season?

JVH: As you know I have to move up to MX1, which I am looking forward to. I’m going to change teams. It’s going to be a big bike, a new class, with new riders. The winter will be important to test the bikes and I think it’s going to be good.

AS: What’s been your highlight with KTM?

JVH: I’ve had some great moments. It’s been so long since I won a GP. I’ve been close so many times; like in Latvia, where I won the second Moto, so it was a good day there. I’ve had so many highlights this year; I was almost on the podium at every GP so I think this season as a whole is a highlight, a wonderful year. I want to finish the season in the best possible way: second in the championship and then the Nations. The season isn’t over for me. I’m fit and I’m going to give it my all and do it!

AS: You said in the past that your career highlight was the Spain GP in 2009. Why so?

JVH: I won the GP there. I had struggled a lot that year from one day to the other, but in that GP everything turned around, everything went how I wanted it too and I just made it happen and won. It was a great moment but it’s so long ago now. The level is so high that you need to push. I was really happy about that day in Spain but it’s now time for another win.

AS: What’s your favorite piece of Alpinestars kit? And why?

JVH: I can’t do without the ‘Looks’ … Alpinestars is awesome. For pro riders like us Alpinestars make special designs and that makes you feel so nice. It gives you an awesome feeling to be a part of the Alpinestars family.

AS: And just one piece of kit you can’t do without?

JVH: That’s a tough one. I would say my Techstar Pants; they feel great, the material is awesome and the butt patch is always special for me. Not all the factories do it. Also my Tech 10s and just so great, everything is just awesome.