Alpinestars Street Riding


Few things are more liberating than the freedom motorcycling affords. To some, the streets are merely the means of getting to a destination. For others, the streets themselves are the destination and the ride itself is an exercise in discovery.

Inspired by the passion that only two-wheels can provoke, Alpinestars Street Riding Collection balances practicality, comfort and protection with street-smart style and aesthetics.

Alpinestars Street Riding Collection is designed for those that want to immerse themselves in the urban landscape, yet never go unnoticed.

Alpinestars SPX Glove Alpinestars MotoGP GP110 Leather Jacket Alpinestars S-MX 5 Boot


Alpinestars technical expertise and ongoing research and development help bring the latest material and design advances from the test laboratory to the street.

Lightweight, reinforced materials, innovative fabric treatments and innovative construction techniques help create garments that are unique in both their style and performance.

Here are just some of the premium materials and design features found in Alpinestars’ street riding wear:

Distressed full-grain leather

This leather affords a fashionable, vintage look while maintaining high levels of durability, comfort and abrasion resistance.

Reinforced landing zones

Alpinestars street gloves feature reinforced landing zones, ensuring maximum abrasion resistance where you need it most.

Bio Armor Protectors

These lightweight and sleek CE certified protectors allow the creation of stylish, well fitted garments that offer superior impact protection.

Integrated flex zones

Discreet multi-panel construction and expansion gussets are seamlessly integrated into garments allowing enhanced freedom of movement without compromising style.

PU Fabric Treatment

This innovative surface treatment provides garments with exceptional resistance against water, wind and abrasion.

Shank reinforced sole

High modulus shanks integrated within Alpinestars street riding shoes greatly enhance structural rigidity while maintaining high levels of comfort.


Alpinestars is dedicated to providing street riders a complete range of apparel that offers superior levels of protection, comfort and performance.

To ensure the highest quality and performance benchmarks, every Alpinestars product is subjected to a rigorous testing program against strict industry standards within our advanced test laboratory.

Furthermore, extensive real-world testing ensures that every element in a garment’s design integrates seamlessly to provide the rider with maximum comfort and convenience.

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