FMX Rider Thomas Pages Answers Your Questions

We offer you the chance to ask our top athletes questions on Facebook. We select the best and sit down to get some answers. This week Alpinestars' FMX athlete Thomas Pages answers your questions, watch to see if your question made the cut!


Nickname: Tom P

Date Of Birth: March 25, 1985

Hobbies: BMX

Career Highlights:
• 2007 Backflip Double Grad
• 2008 San Diego Silver Medal Best Trick Xgames
• 2009 Front Flip
• 2012 2nd Overall Redbull Xfighters
• 2013 1Er Xfighters Mexico

  • What are your sporting goals for 2013?/Future?

    My goal is to keep training and try to land new trick

  • What was your most memorable sporting moment?

    Winning Mexico X-Fighters was really important

  • If you never discovered your sport, what would you be doing?

    I would have play drum in a band!

  • Who is your biggest inspiration?

    Travis pastrana for his career and eigo sato fro his style

  • What code do you live by?

    Work hard and go for it : no regrets

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