Chris Forsberg GoPro POV - Drift Alliance tandem at East Coast Bash

Watch me rip through the full course at East Coast Bash 2013 with my buddies from Drift Alliance, swap some tires then to the back course in reverse chasing down Ryan Tuerck!

Chris Forsberg USAUSA Flag

Nickname: "The Force"

Date Of Birth: April 6, 1982

Hobbies: Bicycling

Career Highlights:
• 2009 Formula Drift Champion
• 2009 Formula Drift Triple Crown Champion
• 2007 Formula Drift Triple Crown Champion
• 2005 Formula Drift Irwindale Winner (First Win)
• 2004 Formula Drift Atlanta 2nd Place (First Formula Drift event)

  • What are your sporting goals for 2013?/Future?

    Our team is aiming to finish in the top 3 of the Formula Drift series.

  • What was your most memorable sporting moment?

    I would have to say winning the 2009 Formula Drift Championship. It was the highlight of my career, and when I won the tandem battle that solidified the championship, all of my friends ripped me out of the car and picked me up over their heads. It was a surreal feeling to be the first drifter from a grassroots background to win the Formula Drift Championship.

  • If you never discovered your sport, what would you be doing?

    Working on cars somewhere… I do enjoy working with my hands and building cars, being creative was always one of my strong traits.

  • Who is your biggest inspiration?

    That is hard to say… I respect so many different drivers based on different criterias, Vaughn Gittin Jr for his strengths in marketing and promotion. Also Daigo Saito for being the first driver I have seen to ALWAYS drive hard.

  • What code do you live by?

    Always drive hard, practice, qualifying, finals… doesn’t matter.

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