BMX Rider Chad Kagy "Signs" Astars Commercial

Chad Kagy stars in the latest Astars TV commercial. Shot on location in Chad's "backyard," the 30 second spot follows him through his morning routine of navigating the restrictions and resistance of everyday life, while on his path to freedom.

Chad Kagy USAUSA Flag

Date Of Birth: November 21, 1978

Hobbies: road racing, photography, mountain bike riding, brewing beer

Career Highlights:
• X Games Gold vert: 2006
• X Games Gold Big Air: 2008
• X Games Gold Big Air: 2010
• X Games Gold Big Air: 2013

  • What are your sporting goals for 2013?/Future?

    LA X Games Big Air event will be an amazing end to the 2013 competition season. I’m looking forward to bringing some new tricks and positive momentum from the win in Munich, Germany into the LA event. I have a few demonstrations to do between X Games and the start of the European Nitro Circus Live Tour later this year. I’m also looking forward to riding with all the kids at Woodward Camp over the next few weeks. This was the first year for the X Games expansion and it’s gone very well so I’m anticipating the 2014 season to be even more intense with bigger events and even a new venue for the first time in many years for the Unites States.

  • What was your most memorable sporting moment?

    The most memorable moment on my bike came from an unexpected time. I was doing a demonstration for kids just before christmas at St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. These were kids living in the Target House getting treatment for their cancer and we showed up to give them presents and do a BMX freestyle demonstration for them. These kids shows us more excitement and life than anyone without cancer or the risk of dying. They were so appreciative of everything we were doing and in reality at the end of the trip those kids taught me more and gave me more than I ever could’ve given them.

  • If you never discovered your sport, what would you be doing?

    BMX has been a part of my life since I was 4 years old. I have ridden skateboards, motorcycles, played baseball and football growing up and nothing gave me the feeling a BMX bike did. I always ask myself what I’d be doing with my life had I not found my passion to ride and progress on a BMX bike. Would I find something else I could be passionate about and be happy doing? I don’t know, everything happens for a reason and having bikes as a part of my life has provided access to so much more than just the obvious bike related things. I’ve learned to shoot photographs, race motorcycles, travel the world and met the best people ever through my bike riding adventures.

  • Who is your biggest inspiration?

    My biggest inspiration growing up was my older brother showing me what was possible. My biggest inspiration in BMX once I was a bit older was Mat Hoffman and he continues to inspire me today. Lately my inspiration comes from many different places such as from friends or new young riders pushing the sport or my family. My son asks me a lot of different questions about bike riding and his mind is so inquisitive and makes me question why I shouldn’t be able to do certain tricks different.

  • What code do you live by?

    I am passionate about what I do and love riding my bike. As long as I’m passionate, focused and still having fun then I’ll keep riding my bike progressing as much as always. I don’t like other people to dictate how I ride or what I do. I ride freestyle to be free to have any style I want. I’m in a sport that allows me to be an individual on a ramp that is exactly the same as what the other guys ride but I ride it completely different. Be yourself and do what makes you happy.

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