Quinn Cody usausa Flag

Nickname: "Crusher"

Date Of Birth: September 10, 1976

Hobbies: Cycling, Surfing

Career Highlights:
4 time Baja 1000 champion, 3 time Baja 500 champion, only rider to ever win Vegas To Reno solo, 2011 Dakar Rally Rookie of the year.

  • What are your sporting goals for 2013?/Future?

    For 2013 I am focusing on the World Championship Crosscountry Rally series with the ultimate goal to win the Dakar Rally

  • What was your most memorable sporting moment?

    I would have to say winning Vegas To Reno in 2010, I rode the whole race by myself, it took 9hours 21min and every ounce of energy I had, but when I finished it was a great feeling.

  • If you never discovered your sport, what would you be doing?

    That's hard to say, I'm so competitive I would probably be involved in some other form of racing, maybe bicycle racing?

  • Who is your biggest inspiration?

    Doug Henry has always been a big inspiration for me just because of all that he's been through in his career, and he keeps coming back to the bike.

  • What code do you live by?

    Make every day an adventure

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