Limited Edition Liberty Tech 10 Boot


Many believe that Red Bud’s original name, Red Bud TNT, was chosen as a homage to the explosive, on and off track fireworks displayed every Independence Day Weekend. However, the classic title actually stands for Track N’ Trail. Named at the track’s conception in 1972, this particular set of track n’ trail has become a staple of motocross history. Since hosting its first AMA races in 1974, Red Bud is the destination for American motocross culture. Hamburgers, camping and the most famous 120’ in motocross all set the stage for some of the best racing of the outdoor season. And nothing navigates the “best dirt in the world” better than a pair of stars and stripes strewn Tech 10 boots. Combining the color of champions, with the graphics of Old Glory, the ‘Liberty’ blends Alpinestars’ prodigious innovation with a dash of patriotism. Befitting the weekend, the classic white boot is strongly accented with gold and the Stars and Stripes. So whether you are cruising your favorite spots or wide open headed towards LaRocco’s Leap, Alpinestars keeps you protected in style. The Limited Edition ‘Liberty’ Tech 10 boot will be available while supplies last.

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