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2020 GP Tech V3 Suit


SKU 3354120-23-62
UPC 8059175170997
Color: White/red
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The GP Tech v3 features an outer shell twill material developed exclusively for Alpinestars which is combined with an innovative aramidic base knit lining for optimum levels of comfort, protection, light weight and comfort. Thanks to the introduction of the aramidic base lining with an open weave structure, this suit is superbly breathable, and these levels are further enhanced by the breathable panels on the side. The GP Tech v3 also incorporates lightweight stretchable panels at the center back, lower back, elbow, crotch and knee zone to provide great flexibility both in and out of the car.

• Super-lightweight and breathable multi-layer suit incorporating thin stretchable
panels, for maximum comfort and effective regulation of body temperature.
• Strategically positioned Formula 1-derived stretch panels at center back and spine, lower
back, elbow, crotch and knee zones for enhanced flexibility, both in and out the car.
• Soft and thin wrist and ankle cuffs for maximum comfort and reduced weight.
• Soft collar with knit fabric and secure hook and loop closure for improved comfort.
• Printed logos help maintain suit’s material integrity and reduce weight.
• Premium YKK thin lightweight zipper personalized with Alpinestars leather
puller, plus double slider for a versatile and customizable fit.
• Thigh pockets for convenient, unobtrusive storage.
• Sold with laundry bag for convenience and effective material fiber protection.
• Athletic fit design.
• Weight 325g/sqm.

• Alpinestars exclusive shoulder epaulette construction provides an effective
feature for the extraction of the driver in the event of a crash.
• Alpinestars fully floating arm construction with stretchable knit
fabric ensures minimal material resistance while driving.
• Nomex® anti-static outer shell fabric for exceptional heat and flame-resistant proprieties.

• Certified to the new FIA 8856-2018 homologation standard.


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