Limited Edition Tomac Tech 10 Boot


"We put ourselves on the line with every race, which is why I use Alpinestars gear because it provides the best protection and performance for me. I couldn’t race without my Tech 10 boots, knee braces, gloves and gear; they give me the comfort and confidence I need to race at my very best. I also love being able to contribute custom colors to a limited edition series of boots for Alpinestars.’ - Eli Tomac

Now available in his own distinctive and unique colorway, the Eli Tomac Limited Edition TECH 10 features innovations that have been developed from a technology concept that Alpinestars first pioneered in motocross and off-road riding in the early 1980s. The TECH 10 is uncompromising in its high performance, comfort and durability. From the anatomical profiling with front and rear sliding blades to the all-new closure system with light and durable buckles, every component of this boot is designed to offer lightweight performance for each and every ride.