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The New Tech 10 Supervented

Unique patented construction streams cool air into the boot throughout the bottom of the foot.

This technology uses 3D open channels from front to back, with ventilated ankle brace for maxium airflow.

Lower Boot


Highly ventilated inner ankle brace

Forced air easily runs thorugh the ventilated Inner Ancle Brace, Airflow underfoot 3D Layer, and Perforated Footbed.

Dissipates Heat 34% BETTER

In labratory tests, the Tech 10 Supervented boot dissipated heat significantly faster than a non-vented boot.

Airflow 3D Layer

Frontal Intake

Receives air for the lower area of the boot and flows into the Airflow 3D Layer.

Rear Exhaust Port

As air circulates through the foot, the heat is released through the rear exhaust port.

Rear and Lateral Vents

Heat escapes from the upper and mid portion of the boot from the many side and rear vents.

3D Mesh Intakes

The front instep and new open frame shin plate are backed with 3D mesh fabric and padding to amplify the intake flow for the mid and upper foot.

Explore Supervented Tech 10

7 / Black/Enamel Blue/Purple/White
Tech 10 Supervented Boots
7 / White/Bright Red
Tech 10 Supervented Boots
7 / Black Hue
Tech 10 Supervented Boots
7 / White
Tech 10 Supervented Boots
8 / Black/Enamel Blue/Purple/White
Tech 10 Supervented Boots

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