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Bionic Action Kickstart Chest Guard


SKU 6740624-13-4/6
UPC 8059347255422
Color: Black/red
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• Wide comfort collar for easy on/easy off.
• Lightweight and vented construction.
• Floating shoulder cups and bicep guards.
• Wide TPR semi-floating chest guard.
• V-shaped base construction below chest guard for adaptability.
• Wide range elasticated adjustment at waist and biceps.
• Full length adjustable stretch closure.

Alpinestars’ Kickstart line is dedicated to the young champions of the future, designed for kids aged 4-9 years old. Protective, lightweight, and adaptive, the Kids Bionic Kickstart Chest, back, and shoulder Guards features semi-rigid TPR guards on the back and chest, plus shoulder cups with floating bicep guards, providing the widest coverage on the market.

The semi-floating chest guard has an adaptive V-shaped base construction that adapts to chest volume and movement, and really improves the comfort and fit for kids of different sizes. The Bionic Kickstart Chest Guard incorporates a large, full-length hook and loop closure straps that offer a wide range of elasticated adjustment on the chest and on the biceps. A wide-opening, padded comfort collar provides premium comfort and ease of donning to young riders.


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