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GP Plus V4 Leather Jacket


SKU 3100524-1100-48
UPC 8059347263045
Color: Black/black

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• Tech-Air® Ready.
• Race-derived sport leather jacket, revolution of existing GP Plus V3 model.
• Improved material selection with lighter weight.
• Modernized look with refined detailing.
• Race-derived A-CS™ Plus stretch paneling provides increased flexibility and improved freedom of movement.
• A-CS™ Plus provides high levels of abrasion and tear resistance, as well as high breathability, as well as a lower weight and profile than leather accordion paneling.
• Detachable thermal vest 80g, and long direct opening vents for climate management.

The race-derived GP Plus V4 sport Leather Jacket is more than just an evolution of the world-renowned V3, it’s a complete revolution. With a revised silhouette, improved material selection, a new modernized look with refined detailing, and a lighter overall weight, the GP Plus V4 Jacket is the perfect choice. The three main differences new to the GP Plus V4 are the use of A-CS™ Plus stretch material, GP-R Lite extended elbow armor, and a new, modernized graphic. A-CS™ Plus stretch material is Alpinestars composite stretch, which is found in the large side panels of the jacket. A MotoGP derived material technology, A-CS™ Plus stretch provides increased stretch, high abrasion resistance, higher tear resistance than leather, plus a lower profile and overall weight – all important features that motorcyclists demand when it comes to increased comfort and performance. Completing the GP Plus V4’s chassis construction is a mix of race bovine and regular bovine leather, with tech stretch material on the chest, shoulders, back of the neck, and inner arms. There are DFS Dynamic Friction Shield external shoulder sliders with Nucleon Flex Plus CE Level 1 armor underneath. Internally, the jacket includes a detachable 80g thermal vest and incorporates long direct opening airflow vents on the abdomen for ventilation and climate management.

• DFS shoulder kit with Nucleon Flex Plus shoulder armor provides impact protection and movement comfort.
• GP-R Lite extended elbow armor and pre-curved race fit provide impact protection and natural pre-curved riding position comfort.
• According to European statutory law the CE mark is a conformity requirement for the marketing of this product. The following standards apply to this product:
• CE Certified Category II EN 17092-3:2020 Class AA.
• CE Level 1 Category II EN 1621-1:2012 Nucleon Flex Plus shoulder armor.
• CE Level 1 Category II EN 1621-1:2012 GP-R Lite Elbow armor.


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