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Techdura 2024 Collection

  • Techdura Jacket
    Techdura Jacket

    The Techdura Jacket is highly modular and features technical aspects unique to Alpinestars. Constructed from a durable and rugged stretch polyamide...

  • Techdura Jersey
    Techdura Jersey

    Engineered specifically to handle the rigors of Enduro riding, the Techdura Jersey is constructed from a durable poly-fabric providing moisture wic...

  • Techdura Pants
    Techdura Pants

    The Techdura Pants are constructed from an all-new durable and rugged stretch polyamide canvas material all throughout the chassis including the se...

  • Techdura Gloves
    Techdura Gloves

    Engineered specifically to handle the rigors of Enduro riding and featuring a design optimized for the perfect blend of performance, protection and...

  • Techdura Tactical Pack
    Techdura Tactical Pack

    The Techdura Tactical Pack provides off-road and enduro riders premium modularity giving them the ability to carry as much or as little along for t...