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Nucleon Flex Pro Ci Protector


SKU 6702121-114-S
UPC 8059175286810
Color: Anthracite
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The Nucleon Flex Pro Ci features an easy-to-use, unisex, divided CE-certified Level 2 chest protector. Highly ventilated and very lightweight, the ergonomically designed protectors are excellent for everyday riding.

• The Nucleon KR-Ci is a high performance, super lightweight track and race chest protector featuring Nucleon Flex Pro Technology.
• Constructed from a high performance polymeric material blend for optimized flexibility and excellent weight saving properties.

• The ergonomic protection plate contours to the natural curve of the body ensuring optimum fit for men and women.
• According to European statutory law the CE mark is a conformity requirement for the marketing of the product. The following standard applies: Level 2 EN 1621-3:2018 (Chest)

• The chest protector’s structure provides the perfect balance between force dispersion and energy absorption.
• Unique Nucleon Flex Pro microstructure is designed for advanced energy absorption, adaptivity, maximum breathability and enhanced airflow.


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